There will never be a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, because it is not a treatable disease!  And it is not due to just one thing, it is due to many things.

The actual concept we need to accept is prevention, not treatment.  Essentially, Alzheimer’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder, a breakdown of the nerve tissue in the brain.  It is impossible to replace brain tissue once it has been lost due to deterioration.  So, we need to focus on preventing the deterioration of brain tissue as the primary treatment protocol.

The aging process is basically the loss of Repair Molecules.  If you are deficient in Repair Molecules, you will no longer be able to repair your damaged tissues.  What are Repair Molecules?  Hormones and Nutrients.  If you are able to maintain your Repair Molecules, you will be able to repair your tissues.  As we get older, we begin to lose the amount of hormones and nutrients necessary to keep the body in a vital state.

Replacing these as needed not only makes you look younger than your years, but you maintain your brain and organ functioning of a much younger person.

In order to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s Disease, you will first need to avoid doing damage to your physical body with:  Toxic Chemicals, Radiation Exposure, Poor Inflammatory Diet, Excessive Emotional Stress (which depletes hormones and nutrients), etc.

Did you know that Aspartame has two separate pathways that lead to Alzheimer’s Disease?  Too low cholesterol also leads to Alzheimer’s Disease because cholesterol is required to make hormones, and without hormones, the brain cannot repair.  If your gallbladder is gone or not functional, you will not produce enough bile to breakdown dietary fats, resulting in insufficient levels of fats to feed and nourish your brain tissue.

Therefore, a total body approach is the plan for the best outcome for Alzheimer’s Disease.  One of the most effective preventative protocols to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease is maintaining the sex hormone at levels that support full health:  Testosterone for men and Estrogen/Progesterone for women.  By simply replacing Testosterone/Estrogen/Progesterone in your 50’s to an optimal level, you can maintain both a vital body and a vital brain.  It is really that simple and important.

A patient of mine had a terrible family history of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Everyone in her family got Alzheimer’s Disease at 70 years of age, and went into the nursing home not long thereafter.  She was the youngest of the family and did not like the pattern she was seeing.  She asked me, “What do I do to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease?”  I told her to go on Estrogen and Progesterone immediately at age 58.  She will turn 82 in September of this year, and she is completely active and her brain works as well as it ever has.  We have broken the curse.

The appropriate replacement of Testosterone/Estrogen/Progesterone not only is a wonderful prevention treatment to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease, but it also helps with all the organs and skin/hair.

Remember, Alzheimer’s Disease is not treatable once it has developed.  Therefore, the only acceptable protocol for the avoidance of Alzheimer’s Disease is prevention.  And to finish with one of my favorite quotes, “The best thing to save for your old age is…..YOURSELF!”

William Marcus Spurlock, MD

William Marcus Spurlock, MD

Dr. Spurlock is a Board Certified Family Physician with over 2 decades of experience and expertise in viral diseases as well as Anti-Aging medicine. He has been a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine for over a decade and works diligently with his patients to prevent illness. read more...