People engage in the process of detox for a plethora of reasons. Some want to reduce inflammation, while others want enhance immune system function. Maybe there are those who want to lose weight or prevent chronic disease. While these reasons certainly top the list as to why we participate in detoxification, there is one major benefit that isn’t gathering enough attention. Your eyes.

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between liver health and vision?

Detoxification is the process of ridding the body’s system of toxins through healthy means such as fasting, proper nutrition, exercising and more. Living in this toxic world, we are daily assaulted by pollutants—be it in the air, the food, the water, and the products we handle. Every toxic substance which enters the body’s system eventually winds up in the liver. The liver’s function is to filter out the toxins from the bloodstream and ready the poisons for excretion. But what happens when the liver gets overwhelmed with too many toxins?

When the liver gets bombarded with toxic substances, it can have a negative impact, causing your organ to inflame and even cause damage. This is why it’s important to regularly detox.

But how does this affect my eyes?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, “A deficiency in liver blood may lead to eye issues such as blurred vision, myopia and eye floaters.” If your liver health is compromised, there’s a greater amount of pollutants coursing through your bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your organs and tissues. These toxins, surging freely through your system, can attack the delicate retina and macula in the eyes resulting in the breakdown of tissue. People with poor liver health are at risk of losing their vision and other negative conditions.

Did you know that eye discomfort can be a helpful warning sign, alerting you to take care of your liver? Searching for symptoms that inform you of the need to detox can be as simple as looking in the mirror. Are your eyes puffy or are there bags under your eyes? What about the coloring of your eyes? If they appear to have a yellowish tint, then it could be a sign that you need to pay attention to your liver.

How can I fix this?

Nutrition is key! It’s important to eat plenty of raw, organic vegetables. Research has shown that a diet consisting of brussels sprouts, broccoli, mustard greens, kale are not only great for your liver but also reduce the risk of macular degeneration. Krill, wild-alaskan salmon, and red algae all contain astaxanthin—a carotenoid known for its ability to protect the eye from toxic tissue damage.

It’s also vital to avoid foods that are harmful to the liver such as sugar, processed foods, alcohol, and vegetable oil. 

By maintaining a nutrient-rich diet, you are subsequently keeping an eye out for your vision by taking excellent care of your liver.

Deborah Moon, OD

Deborah Moon, OD

Dr. Deborah Moon provides eye health and wellness exams for patients of all ages. She is therapeutically licensed to treat all diseases of the eye, treat eye injury, and specializes in glaucoma treatment, difficult contact lens fitting, and LASIK management. She believes in formulating a customized treatment approach designed for each individual patient depending on the patient's needs and symptoms. As a proponent of the importance of healthy lifestyle and nutrition for good vision and eye health, she coordinates her patients' care with their holistic and medical practitioners to provide the best integrative medicine approach. read more...