We are ALL in the presence of a miracle in action! That’s right, our bodies are THE terrific detox system! The BEST detox system lives inside of us and is with us every day. Our organs are there to clarify and protect us.

For the system to work at peak efficiency, we must take care of ourselves by eating nutritious food in moderation, moving to the point of sustained exertion for a minimum of 20-30 minutes daily, and using healthy ways to think and communicate our feelings.

Let’s look at what we EACH have within us!

Our first line of defense is our SKIN organ and it is the largest organ of the body. Not only does it help regulate body temperature, but it defends us against environmental pollutants. Our sweat also takes toxins from the inside and moves them out through the skin.

Within the CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM, our blood carries toxins from the tissues back to the heart. Then, the blood can be sent to the lungs.

The RESPIRATORY SYSTEM has the mouth and nose as filters to keep a decent amount of toxins, dust, and pathogens out of the body. What does get into our respiratory system goes to your lungs or your digestive system. The lungs produce mucus, which can then be coughed out, in addition to expelling carbon dioxide and other waste gases when you exhale. Another reason to practice daily deep breathing.

Our LIVER is another cleansing organ. It circulates our blood through the liver which pulls toxins out and breaks them down so that they can be excreted through the kidneys and digestive tract. 

The SPLEEN is the largest of the lymphatic organs. It is dark purple in color and lies under the lower ribs on the left side of the upper abdomen. It detects bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in your blood and produces white blood cells to kill them off.

Next, let’s talk KIDNEYS. They are a solid pair located in the back of the abdomen. About 200 quarts of fluid move through your kidneys every day. Waste and toxins are extracted from that fluid and expelled as urine.

Our COLON forms the main portion of the large intestine. Even though it is a continuous tube, it actually has four main sections and is just under five feet in length. After the rest of the digestive organs take what they need, the colon absorbs the remaining water and minerals. This remainder is solid waste that your colon pushes out as our bowel movement

Wow, isn’t it weird how the body seems to have this “detox” thing under control?! So, do you need to starve yourself on a juice cleanse? Does this mean then that your body is NOT some toxic wasteland that you need to “cleanse” of toxins? Your body is mostly self-sufficient and darn good at its job. However, that may not be the case for everyone.

Let’s recap.

Yes – toxins are real.

No – they usually aren’t a problem. If they are a problem, you’d literally be poisoned and you would know it. For example, think of the effects of alcohol and a hangover. You’ve poisoned yourself with an abundance of alcohol. Even if you don’t have any green juice and kale and “detox” drinks, with some time, your body will remove the poison from itself without your help. 

Your body is SO. DARN. SMART.

Okay, drinking green juice and eating fruits and exercising and sweating and all that is a GREAT IDEA! The popular saying from NIKE, just do it, becomes a smart way to live. It’s just not specifically “detoxing” in the way you think. It’s not like green juice is the human equivalent of a water filter.

Again – drink the juice and do the cleanse if it makes you happy or feels good, but it’s not about detox, and that’s okay! Our body is amazing anyway! 

Raeann Cain, LMT

Raeann Cain, LMT

Raeann Cain has more than 19+ years of experience in massage therapy. Her passion and focus on pain relief were born out of her trial-and-error personal journey from chronic pain back to healthy living. She is trained in DermoNeuroModulation (DNM), Positional Release Therapy (PRT), Total Body Balancing (TBB), Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) and Lymphatic Balancing. All of these techniques use cutting edge research in pain and neuroscience. All address tightness within the body no matter how long the pain has been present and all are designed to interact with the nervous system to promote change and healing throughout the body. read more...