If you suffer from these or any other type of “Autoimmune Condition,” read carefully the following message.  I was one of you back in the 70’s and 80’s as a child. I lived on steroids, allergy meds, all kinds of shots, powerful lung medications, etc…  We were told that it was genetic, that I had inherited these bad genes from my family even though nobody else had ever even heard of what I was dealing with.  We just believed the doctors and took the drugs. I was born sick, went to the hospital 50 times before 10 years old and at 13, things got so bad that my kidneys were having trouble.  I went to the hospital again and left with you guessed it, more drugs.

That is when we left the medicine people and decided to get healthy.  It turns out, my spine was damaged when I was born, but nobody ever considered it an issue.  It did not hurt. We started taking care of my spine at 13 years old and I started healing over night.

Today, that autoimmune condition I had is gone and I have not had any trouble in 35 years.  I have not taken a steroid or lung medication since then either. My kidneys are 100% and so are my lungs and everything else.  I was even able to play college soccer and have a professional career after that! No drugs, no problems.

In my 20 years of practice in North Dallas it is shocking to see the increase in the number of men, women and children coming in with these so called genetic diseases.  Obviously, the medical community will only medicate you for these and one only need to look at the side effects of the drugs to realize that is is not a good idea to take them.  Consider the number one selling drug right now, Humira, whose side effects include fast growing CANCER. See the actual drug label at this link: https://www.drugs.com/humira.html

Drugs and doctors are not a solution.  If you want to be well, understand where healing comes from.  


As you probably have found, there are many people out there touting a remedy for these conditions.  I am going to tell you that the only solution, no matter who you talk to, comes from INSIDE you. What I mean is, you are the only one that can heal you.  No drug, no herb, no food can heal you. Stay with me here.

Food does not heal you.  Herbs do not heal you. Clean water does not heal.  Exercise does not heal. Detoxing systems do not heal.  All of these things are vital to a healthy body, but they in themselves do not possess the power to heal.  If they did, you could do those things and live forever. You have to look deeper to get fully healthy.

We call this your body’s innate healing ability.  So let’s say you cut your finger on a piece of paper.  Do you need to eat asparagus, do a juice cleanse and run 2 miles to heal the paper cut?  Of course not. Your body will heal the paper cut without any help.

The same “power” that organizes and heals a paper cut, is also trying to fix your immune system.  Yes, what I am telling you is that your body is trying to fix you. Anybody dealing with an autoimmune disease still has healing potential inside of them.  But, something is inside of you blocking this healing ability. It may be affecting your gut, your hormones, your metabolism, literally everything.

That’s where we come in.   The number one factor in your ability to heal is the health of your spinal column.  Think about this logically. If your brain is “blocked” from getting to your immune system, doesn’t it stand to reason that your body will be sick?  The longer it is blocked, the worse your body gets due to this power shortage.

Food is important, detoxing is important, so is exercise and peace of mind.  But you cannot do anything 100% unless your brain is connected to your body. How do you know?  You have to see a specialist in spinal function, like us. A corrective care Chiropractor is the only person on the planet trained to analyze x-rays for proper alignment and put you through a comprehensive spinal care program.  If you ever meet someone claiming they can do that without x-rays, run away. X-rays of your spine will tell us what you need to do to get your body’s internal power running at 100%. For example, your neck should have a smooth curve in it from the side view.  Without this curve, your brain literally is not getting 100% power to the rest of your body.

We get your spine flowing.  If you do not live in the North Texas area, reach out to us and we can find you a qualified doctor in your area.  

Take care of your spine!  Your body will work better.

Brian Hooten, DC

Brian Hooten, DC

I live for one reason, to see people reach their God given potential. If you are suffering with some disease or taking medications, we can help you turn that around. To date, we have taken care of more than 10,000 families in the D/FW area. I have personally been on 10 tours with the U.S. Olympic teams around the world since 2009 taking care of the athletes. read more...