Did you know that your heart is your most potent organ? It creates an electrical signal that can be read over 8 feet away from your body. That signal, or rhythm, can also entrain (or synchronize) with those around you. If you are stressed, others around you can pick up on it. Given enough time, and signal strength, you can also cause those around you to start feeling the way you do.

This also works in reverse. If you are around someone who is incredibly stressed, they can suck you right into that feeling. 

So, how does this relate to Hypertension?

The stresses you feel on a daily basis may not be yours at all. You may likely be getting them from others. I know this sounds impossible, but consider the idea for a moment. What if what you are feeling is actually an echo of someone else’s energy? What if you were in a room, or building, or community where stress is running rampant. After a while, everyone would just entrain to that signal, and it would be a self-inducing cycle.

Watch this video to see how everything entrains given enough time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v5eBf2KwF8

I know this sounds rough. It sounds like there is no hope at all of relaxing if that is truly the case. BUT…There is hope.

If you take time to focus yourself on relaxing, and pay attention to your own personal energy, you can override outside signals. You can literally make your own signal so strong that no one else can negate it. 

You may be asking “How exactly do I do that?”

I’m glad you asked.

Here are several ways that are sure to work if you put in the effort to use them:

  1. Take time to slow down and meditate for 30 minutes every day. Your brain and soul need down time. Provide that.
  2. Find ways to laugh. Watch comedies. Listen to a comedian. Find the humor in your own situation. I promise there is always humor no matter how dark it seems. If that were not true, comedians would not have work. 
  3. Stay away from people who stress you out. Even if that means putting yourself in a time-out. 
  4. Twice a week, for at least an hour, do something that brings you pure joy, no matter what that is. Do not judge it, do not dissect it, just do it and enjoy.

All these things combined will go a long way to lowering your blood pressure, and helping you be more happy. 

Keren Shamay

Keren Shamay

Keren is an internationally published author and energy therapist. As a powerful Intuitive she has been working with various modalities for close to 15 years. Her specialty is coaching people through their personal energy journey to emerge on the other side of the “Dark night of the soul” fully functional and able to use their gifts. read more...