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Electromagnetic Stressors are environmental in nature and are the byproducts of repeated exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation and radio frequency (RF) radiation. Cars, appliances, televisions, computers, Wi-Fi signals, cellular phones and other electronic devices that we carry around like an extra limb, cellular antennas and power lines are all sources of EMF and RF radiation. If we are near EMF and RF then our body is completely exposed to these types of radiation. The only time we are not chronically exposed to EMF and RF radiation is when we are out in the wilderness, far, far away.

The most effective ways to de-stress your electromagnetic stressors and navigate your way back to natural health and optimal wellbeing are:

  • Minimizing exposure to EMP and geopathic stress
  • Practicing earthing techniques
  • Practicing grounding techniques
  • Communing with nature
  • Exploring alternative modalities such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, polarity therapy energy healing

Below are powerful resources and tools that will help you de-stress your way back to natural health and optimal wellbeing (remember to also visit our blog for more empowerment and inspiration):

Safeguard Your Body

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Dr. Mercola
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Australian ABC, Catalyst
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James Russell, John K. Webster
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Jeromy Johnson
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Peter Sullivan

Ground & Earth Your Body

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Life From Nature
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Clinton Ober, Stephen T Sinatra, Martin Zucker
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Harmony Rose West

Energize Your Body