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Ready to understand how your thoughts and beliefs produce the results in your life?

MyMindScore™ will help you discover the limiting thought and emotional patterns underlying your current discomforts and will provide you with personalized guidelines and suggestions on how to tackle life’s challenges!

Whether you’re plagued with stress or overwhelmed with discontentment in your present circumstances, MyMindScore™ is the ultimate tool for you to recover your life!

You’re invited to embrace the journey of transformation that will get you moving in the right direction.

MyMindScore™ consists of a comprehensive questionnaire carefully designed by an expert Life Mastery consultant and an expert naturopathic practitioner. This test will provide you with in-depth, personalized information, alerting you to the potentially crippling behaviors and limiting thought patterns that have hindered you, releasing you to live the life you love!

What’s standing between YOU and the life YOU desire MOST? Ten Minutes!

That’s right! The questionnaire takes less than ten minutes from Start to Finish! Once completed, an individualized report will be generated and emailed to you. This personalized report includes constructive steps to help navigate your Journey to wholeness, steering you on the right path to Creating and Living a life that YOU love!

MyMindScore™ Report

IMPORTANT: MyMindScore™ personalized report is NOT intended to replace your physician’s or therapist’s advice but rather to provide you with complementary information to share with your physician or therapist in an effort to boost and speed up your healing journey.

This report is highly informative and insightful, containing personalized observations and guidelines pertaining to limiting mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that are potentially contributing to your chronic stress.

From Distress to De-stress


  • Schedule an appointment with your trusted therapist or life coach.
  • Take the MyMindScore™ test
  • Discuss your MyMindScore™ report with your therapist or coach.
  • Agree on a personalized action plan that will help you fall in love with your life again.
  • Partner with a life coach that will inspire, support and hold you accountable as you are executing your action plan.
  • Take MyMindScore™ test periodically to help you stay proactive in maintaining your natural health.

Once YOU take action to UNDERSTAND and RESOLVE the limiting mental, emotional and behavioral patterns underlying your chronic stress, you will begin to see RESULTS!



The security of your personal information is important to us.

Please note that once the report is generated and sent to you, your questionnaire responses will be deleted. Why? We want to keep your responses completely confidential and, therefore, we do not save them to the My Wellbeing Compass™ system.