Ready to uncover the potential root causes of your current discomforts and reclaim your vitality?

If you’re struggling with chronic conditions such as weight gain, fatigue, type 2 diabetes, digestive problems, depression, anxiety, autoimmune conditions (such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.), sleep problems or chronic pain, and have tried many avenues without lasting success, MyBodyScore™ is the ultimate tool to help you finally reach your health goals. It will provide you with in-depth personalized information as to the root causes that potentially underlie your conditions and help kick start your healing journey in the right direction. 

Ready to understand the connection between your choices and your overall health?

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MyBodyScore™ is a simple, enjoyable and proven assessment to support your journey back to optimal wellness. It provides you with insights as to potential causes at the core of your discomforts and helps pave the way for your professional health team to guide you to better outcomes employing an integrative approach across the board.

Remember, it is best to think WHY, HOW and MECHANISM of various conditions rather than just focusing on the ‘condition’ itself.

What’s standing between YOU and your health SOLUTION? Ten Minutes!

That’s right! The questionnaire takes less than ten minutes from Start to Finish! Once completed, an individualized, password-protected report will be generated and emailed to you. The password used to encrypt the report is the one you entered at the start of the questionnaire.

“Thanks to MyBodyScore™ and personalized guidance from my naturopath, my health went from being a wreck (depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestive issues) to feeling healthy, vibrant and happy! I now understand that my body is multi-layered, and it has a beautiful way of balancing and healing on its own when I give it the time, space, love and nourishment it craves. I found a new love for wellness of all facets!”  Kellie M., Little Elm, TX

MyBodyScore™ Report

MyBodyScore™ helps you connect the dots between your conditions and your nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices, while providing you with a highly informative and insightful report, containing personalized observations and guidelines in the following key areas:

  • Primary Stressors: nutrient deficiencies (vitamins/minerals/trace minerals/other nutrients), dehydration, gut microbiota, stomach acid*, food sensitivities/intolerance, histamine intolerance, oxidative stress, MTHFR*, venous insufficiency*, heavy metals*, spinal/atlas subluxation.

    Secondary Stressors: systemic inflammation, body acidity, detoxification pathways (lymph, colon, liver, kidneys), endocrine (adrenals, thyroid, HPA-Axis)*, electromagnetic hypersensitivity*.

  • BONUS: Potentially limiting mental/emotional patterns corresponding to your discomforts.

    *Only included in Practitioner Report.

We encourage you to review your assessment with one (or a team) of My Wellbeing Compass™ health practitioners so that your desired wellness outcomes are achieved safely and effectively.

NOTE: if you elect to automatically send a MyBodyScore™ Practitioner Report to one of My Wellbeing Compass™ health practitioners , that practitioner will receive an expanded version of your assessment including additional markers and detailed guidance, allowing them to have greater insights as to potential causative factors at the core of your health.

IMPORTANT: MyBodyScore™ personalized report is NOT intended to replace your physician’s advice but rather to provide you with complementary information to share with your physician in an effort to boost and speed up your healing journey.

MyBodyScore™ Practitioner Report

Additionally, if you choose, a more comprehensive version of the report will be generated and sent directly to your physician/health practitioner of choice.  It will contain the same core information plus additional observations and suggestions to assist your physician/health practitioner to better support you during your consultation.  This feature is included with your purchase but is entirely optional.  The practitioner report is also password-protected for added security.

“MyBodyScore™ allowed me to understand the myriad of issues underlying my severe chronic conditions (type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity) and enabled both my physician and naturopath to successfully collaborate and guide me on making fundamental lifestyle and nutritional changes. I am now joyously back to normal minus the excess weight and minus a host of meds and insulin injections. A triumph I did not imagine possible prior to embarking on my natural healing journey!” Mary S., Plano, TX

From Distress to De-stress


…Schedule an appointment with your trusted physician.

…Take the MyBodyScore™ test and any other labs/diagnostics recommended by your physician/health care professional.

…Discuss your MyBodyScore™ report and lab results with your physician.

…Agree on a personalized action plan that will help re-activate your body’s self-repair mechanisms.

…Partner with a health coach that will inspire, support and hold you accountable as you are executing your action plan.

…Take MyBodyScore™ test periodically to help you stay proactive in maintaining your natural health.

“My life has transformed completely since I took MyBodyScore™ 6 months ago! My chronic conditions- type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and weight gain- have been resolving rapidly. Based on MyBodyScore™ observations,  my naturopath (with close supervision of my cardiologist) has successfully guided me through modifying my nutrition and  lifestyle choices. Both my meds and excess weight have reduced significantly! I did not realize it would be possible to feel that healthy and happy at age 74!” Barbara M., Salt Lake City, UT

Once YOU take action to UNDERSTAND and RESOLVE the root causes underlying your chronic stress, you will begin to see RESULTS!


The security of your personal information is important to us.

Please note that once the report is generated and sent to you, your questionnaire responses will be deleted.  Why? We want to keep your responses completely confidential and, therefore, we do not save them to the My Wellbeing Compass™ system.

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